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Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. Our technicians will return and re-do any areas that you are not happy with.

How can I prepare for my carpet cleaning appointment?

-Remove any clutter and furniture in areas you want to be cleaned. We understand not all items can be easily moved. We are happy to either clean around these items or move them if you want us to. We do not move pianos, TVs, bookshelves, china cabinets, entertainment centers, dressers, and/or compressed wood items.

-Let us know of any spots that need special attention. If you can identify the cause of the spot, and if you used any product on it already, please inform us. That info may help us to better assess the situation.

-Please clear your driveways. We cannot park in your garage, due to the exhaust fumes from our vans.

How long will my carpets take to dry?

Your carpets may still be damp to the touch after our technicians leave. Drying time depends on how much water was required during the steam cleaning process. Typically, carpets can take anywhere from 6-10 hours to dry completely.

It is possible that they may take longer to dry. To help them along, you can turn on fans and open windows to increase circulation.  It may also help to turn on your air conditioner in summer or to raise the heat slightly in the winter months). 

Can you clean all spots and stains from my carpet?

While it is possible to remove some very stubborn spots, there are some spills that leave a permanent stain on carpets. We will try our best, but understand that not every stain can be removed. To prevent permanent stains, we advise you to deal with spills immediately. Blot the spill to remove most of the spill, then use a towel and a small amount of water to continue blotting. Do NOT scrub, as this may make things worse.

How can I prepare for my duct cleaning appointment?

-Make sure that we can easily access your furnace and every vent in your home. If there is furniture covering a vent, move it 2-3 feet to allow for proper cleaning.

-Please refrain from removing register covers. We tape these off during cleaning to prevent dust from escaping the system and entering your home.

-Please clear your driveways. We cannot park in your garage, due to the exhaust fumes from our vans.

My house is flooded! What should I do?

-Make sure you are safe.
-Stop the cause of the flooding if possible. 
-Call Corner 2 Corner at 204-325-9791.
-Call your insurance adjuster.
-Take some quick photos of the flooded area.
-Wearing rubber boots, start removing items such as furniture from the room, IF it is safe to do so and the water is clean.

Can I trust you in my home?

Absolutely! We are very specific about who we hire, and every one of our technicians is required to have a criminal record check.  Our technicians are all thoroughly trained to meet our high standards, and we strive to be as cautious as possible inside your home to prevent damage to your property.

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