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Keep your carpets clean in winter

Winter has arrived in Manitoba.  Keep your carpets clean!

Winter is upon us in Manitoba. That means many of us spend months cooped up indoors. Snow might look clean and pretty when it first falls but after it's been tracked through the house it's not so pretty anymore! It's not just unsightly, it's also unsanitary.

Invest in sturdy rugs and door mats...this will help catch and trap some of the materials that make their way into your home. Purchase door blockers or draft stoppers to not only make your home more energy efficient but also to improve air quality by blocking dust, moisture and bugs. Establish a no-shoe policy in your home. Keep a clean porch and entryway and shovel snow in a timely manner. Vacuum often in the winter months which will take care of that top layer of dirt that accumulates with foot traffic.

Finally, don't wait until the summer months to book your appointment with C2C! The longer your family ignores the dirt buildup the more complicated it will be to clean later on! We are the experts in professional carpet cleaning! 204-325-9791

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