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Why Professional Grout Cleaning?

There's a lot more living in your grout than meets the eye...

Grout cleaning isn't a simple task, so many people overlook it in their regular cleaning routine. But here are seven reasons why you shouldn't:

1. Salmonella: It's not just for uncooked chicken. When you don't stay on top of your grout cleaning salmonella can settle into the grout.

2. Staphylococcus: This is found on floor tiles and grout. It's most known for causing "staph infections" that are hard to eliminate and can cause skin disease, tissue inflammation and cardiac complications.

3. E-coli: Escherichia Coli, or E-coli, is another bacteria that can pose a whole lot of serious symptoms that can become life threatening. Because of the porous nature of both grout and tile, it makes them a perfect place for bacteria to attach themselves.

4. Streptococcus: This is the same bacteria responsible for causing strep throat, but it can also be the cause of other illnesses like toxic shock syndrome.

5. Mold: There are so many more types of mold that we can count, but any number can be calling your tile and grout home. Anywhere that has a source of moisture is a great breeding ground and when it settles in and you breathe the spores you risk respiratory infection and more.

6. Mildew: It's a whitish coloured fungus that can call a lot of places home. You've probably seen it on your bathroom curtain, shower stall and bathtub. You can also find it on your tiles and grout!

7. Feces: Yes, we saved the "best" for last. The likelihood your tile and grout have traces of feces is astronomical. Think of this...just how thoroughly does everyone in their house wash their hands after using the bathroom? If you have children you already know the answer to this, so let's not think about it.

So...are you ready now to book a professional grout cleaning? Corner 2 Corner Cleaning can help...call us at 204-325-9791 today!

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