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When good carpets attack

Carpet cleaning with a vacuum

A clean carpet not only looks great but is great for the health of your home! If your carpet is dirty then you're more likely to develop health problems such as allergies, skin problems and asthma. Dirty carpets can also worsen existing health and skin problems. There are many things that you can do to prevent yourself from getting sick from your carpet.

It goes without saying, but if something spills on your carpet, clean it up right away! The sooner you clean up the stain the less likely it will be to sink in your carpet. It will also reduce the amount of bacteria that accumulates in your carpet. Make sure that you BLOT whatever spills as opposed to rubbing at it so as not to grind the stain further into your carpet fibers.

Use a doormat where you come into your house. That'll go a long way to help keep dirt and bacteria from entering your home. It's not a fail safe method but it's a good line of defense to keep your carpets looking good. Spend a few dollars on a mat and it could save you hundreds down the line.

Vacuum your carpets (with a HEPA filter vacuum) twice a week. I know you're thinking, "who has time for that?" We get it. But you could take 20 minutes twice a week to vacuum the carpets or spend more time than that in bed when bacteria makes you sick. That being said, don't go ripping up your carpets just yet. Lots of people think that hardwood floors are a healthier way to go, but think of this. Are you likely to sweep the floor more often because you can SEE the lint and dust more than you could on the carpet? If you didn't sweep on the regular, all of that dust and lint and pet hair and who knows what else would be there just as much as if you had carpet.

The best idea (and maybe we're biased) is to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. We're not talking every six months (but if your carpet is a major traffic area it's not a terrible idea) but enough so that your carpet stays fresh and it lasts longer in terms of its structure. As an added measure of defense ask for a "scotchguard"-type application. We use a product called Green Guard, the world's first approved "green approved" carpet protector. It's like Scotchguard for the 21st century and creates an invisible shield which helps keep stains like fruit punch, chocolate, wine and more from becoming a permanent part of the carpet fibers. This shield also helps with day-to-day cleaning and vacuuming because it allows you to vacuum soil and debris away more easily.

Your carpets are a big part of your home and you should do what you can to maintain it so it stays clean and fresh for years to come. Corner 2 Corner has the best technology and the best people to help you with that!

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