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The Functional Values of Carpet

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

In our ever-changing world of style and design, one could only wonder why carpet goes in and out of style almost as often as we change our socks.

Sometimes it's seen as unhealthy for our indoor environment because it's trapping bacteria and dust, and on the other side of the fence, it's seen as highly beneficial for the cozy and warm feelings it provides.

But that's not why you're reading this, you want to know exactly why carpet is seen as functional, so let's talk about it!

  1. Carpet reduces noise because it presents acoustical disposal. What that means, is sound doesn't travel as much throughout carpeted spaces because the carpet traps the sound, that's why recording studios and soundproof rooms of any kind are often times carpeted, it helps muffle the echo.

  2. Carpet gives a feeling of warmth because cold air settles, being heavier. This is a simple grade, 2 science class, right here. Hot air rises, cold air settles. Another interesting thing to know is that the carpet fibers are natural insulators with low head conduction values. In addition, the surface pile, of carpet with its millions of tiny fibers, traps air and further increases its thermal insulation.

  3. Carpet provides comfort because it is a shock-absorbing surface. How many times has your child been running through the house and falls on the carpet and is fine? Probably lots! The impact is rougher on smooth surface flooring because the smack is far more dramatic.

  4. Carpet is safe because it provides a non-skid surface. Children learning to walk and run can be sketchy on smooth flooring. If you don't put grippy socks on their little feet, they end up slipping and sliding all over the place. Carpet makes for less slipping and more standing!

  5. Carpet is easier to maintain, costing about half the upkeep of a smooth floor. The most important thing to remember about carpet is to have it professionally steam cleaned at least once a year. It won't cost you an arm and a leg!

  6. Carpet acts as an air filter. Carpeting has the ability to trap airborne particles stopping them from being airborne. Many consumers believe that carpet is a contributor to their allergies so they refuse to have it in their home because it's thought to be a trap for not allowing the allergies to leave. But while you walk across a hard surface floor, any dust and dirt sitting on it are kicked up and put back in the air while carpet keeps the dust and dirt settled and can be professionally removed with steam cleaning.

So now you know just why carpeting is so functional and amazing. Keeps your home and spaces cozy, provides less sound travel and is safe.

The next time you need to install a new floor somewhere, think of us here at Corner 2 Corner Cleaning & Restoration, we are here to clean those new carpets and keep them looking new for a really long time.

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