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Surprising Uses For Your Vacuum

Your vacuum can be used for more than just vacuuming the floor!

Yes, your vacuum will clean your floors, but did you know it can do WAY more other things? 1. Find a small lost item: secure a piece of old pantyhose over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner then run it behind couches, under cushions and around heavy pieces of furniture to find tiny lost items like earrings and board game pieces.

2. Dusting: vacuums come with a little brush-like attachment and it makes for a perfect dusting tool. You can run it over toys, books on shelves, lampshades and even ceiling fans. You can whisk the dust away without getting it all over the place.

3. Pet grooming: using the little brush, turn the vacuum to the lowest setting and give Fido or Fluffy a gentle rub. They will likely enjoy the massage, and you can suck up all the extra fur at the same time.

4. Fix carpet dents: you know when you move a couch or a bookshelf you're left with dents on your carpet from the weight of the furniture? It's an easy fix...put a few ice cubes on the dents, let them melt, then vacuum the area. This allows the carpet fibers to pop back into shape. Science!

5. Inflate an air mattress: save your breath...remove the vacuum bag, connect a long cleaning nozzle to where the bag was attached, and stick the nozzle into the mattress hole. Voila...inflated air mattress!

6. Soothe an unhappy baby: this is best when you start as soon as baby is born to get them used to it. This makes for an amazing 3-in-1 activity...you clean, get a bit of exercise and relax baby at the same time...MAYBE even get them to sleep! The white noise of the vacuum is an excellent trick.

7. Deodorize your home: if your vacuum has a bag, soak a cotton ball or two in some essential oils of your choice then drop it in the bag. The smell will be released when you vacuum!

8. Clean your dryer vent: get that brush attachment out and give the filter of your dryer a good cleaning once a month. When that's done, get the crevice tool out to get deep into the machine's filter compartment...this will help get any stray bits out.

9. Teach your children: vacuuming is a great first chore for kids. It's easy AND they get to use a big cool gadget!

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