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Summertime Dry Time

Summer in Manitoba comes with high humidity levels and very warm temperatures. While it's no surprise that we have been able to adapt to these changing conditions, we want to help you as our customers adapt as well for the best results after carpet cleanings.

Our method of carpet cleaning is called hot water extraction and because water is involved, that means your carpets will have to dry right?

Any other season of the year we recommend waiting 4-6 hours before putting your furniture back on your carpet but it could be longer in the summer. So this is where we swoop in with some helpful advice to speed up carpet drying times in the summer.

It could be of benefit to you to have a dehumidifier set up for the duration and post carpet cleaning because our machine creates steam that warms up the space.

If you have a ceiling fan or can keep your A/C on, that is also recommended, it will help speed the drying process up but DO NOT OPEN WINDOWS! Opening windows, especially in the summer can slow down the drying process because outdoor humidity is being invited into a space where it really isn't welcome.

With all of these recommendations, we are also taking precautions during your cleaning to best preserve your cool indoor air by putting door covers over your door.

We are the cleaners who care and we are taking every step and precaution to better service you in any weather condition. Call to book your appointment today!

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