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Selling Your Home?

Clean carpets can make all the difference to your house being sold instead of the one next door

With spring here a lot of people are thinking about selling their home. Of course it's important to do all that you can to get the highest sale price for your home while avoiding it being on the market for too long. Things like upgrading a kitchen or bathroom, converting a garage and repainting are all ways to add value to your home but if you haven't got thousands of dollars to spend, how do you add value and make your home look more attractive to potential buyers?

It's a fact that clean carpets can make the difference between your home being sold instead of the one next door. As Tim Friesen from Choice Realty in Winkler says, "when selling a house, cleaning carpets is a worthwhile investment that makes your home more attractive and sell faster!"

When you live in your home you will likely have gotten used to it's "lived in" smell and look, but it's the first thing a buyer will notice when they walk in. While colour schemes are a matter of personal choice they're rarely the deal breaker because paint can easily be changed. However, the idea of having to tear out and replace carpets to a potential buyer is daunting and makes them see dollar signs. The good news is that, for the most part, you don't have to tear them up either to sell your home. Which is great, because like your buyer you don't want to deal with the disruptions and cost! Go for professional carpet cleaning...it'll save you time and money and you may be surprised at just how good your carpets look in the end.

Carpets that are cleaned and smell fresh always create a good first impression. If a buyer doesn't feel they have to replace carpets right away that's one less thing for them to feel tense about.

NOTE: Doing it yourself is always an option, HOWEVER if it's not done properly it could be making the problems much worse.

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