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Respond•Repair• Restore

Have you seen our vehicles cruising around? Well we are off to jobs more than likely. But did you ever catch a glimpse of the words Respond • Repair • Restore and wonder what they mean?

These three words are almost the catchphrase of our restoration side of Corner2Corner. On the restoration side we help save homes after an emergency such as flood or fire. We aren't firefighters so we don't do that kind of saving but we help get your home back to a new normal after experiencing a tragedy or loss from fires or floods.

Respond. We have 24 hour emergency services. 24 hours you may be asking yourself, are you sure? Yes we are 100% sure, we may not be at your door in 2 seconds flat but keep in mind, we have to load the right equipment needed so that takes time. We do as much work as we possibly can at the moment so if it's the weekend, there are only so and so many people on call who can come help and then we do more work during the week to ensure your house is looking great again!

Repair. This is the next step that we take in getting your home back to its new normal. We repair damage caused by flood or fire. In the case of a flood, we begin by extracting the water. Getting the water out makes the clean up a little neater and easier and we won't track water all throughout your home then. The clean out process begins after that. Cleaning out all of the affected pieces in the home like beds, tables, and chairs. The final step in this repairing process is the drying process. Everything gets dried out and yes it may be noisy with all of the fans but we can assure you that's all for a reason and leaving them on will make the process go quicker rather than shutting them off when you want quite.

Restore. This is the final step in making sure your home is back to where it needs to be. A lot of the restoration comes into play after a fire. We go to either restore the home, or in some extreme cases, do the tear out, and gut the house because it's too far gone after a fire. Something very important in this step is how we help you. We assist with every step and required documentation for your home insurance claim. Offering all the help we can is one of our number 1 priorities and we want our valued customers to feel valued. Your satisfaction and happiness is what we want and we can guarantee exactly that!

Hopefully you know that something like restoration does not happen overnight. Yes we can be there the same day you call with an emergency but the work with insurance claims takes time and sometimes even takes a few days or weeks. So if you work with us and understand that good things do take time, we want 100% what is best for you so by doing that, you have to trust the process even if it may seem lengthy.

Let us be the ones to Respond • Repair • Restore your next emergency. We are only a phone call away at 204.325.9791.

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