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Reno's and Duct Cleaning Go Better Together

Renovations in your home can be fun and exciting but they can also get pricey. Pinching pennies may be on the top of your priority list but avoiding that post-reno duct cleaning may cost you more at the end of the day!

We all know that demolition and renovations kick up lots of dust. When tearing down walls or pulling down cabinets, the possibility of harmful particles from insulation or other materials is actually more common than you may realize. While it's always recommended to wear a protective mask, also remember to book a duct cleaning!

We all also know that post reno cleanup takes care of all of the visible just, it's the accumulation of the dust and other particles inside your air-duct system that goes unnoticed.

So now you may be wondering, why does any of this actually matter? Because without addressing the issues, your system will not run as efficiently (costing you more in heating and cooling expenses), your air quality will reduce drastically, and you may have even noticed that you are replacing furnace filters more often and to top it all off, you may feel like you are always dusting!

Take the steps in making sure your family is breathing healthy and cleaner air by booking your duct cleaning with Corner 2 Coner Cleaning & Restoration. We use a pressurized air system and attachments to agitate the dust which then gets captured by our suction which is hooked up to the main trunk. Our technicians will do everything and anything to leave no mess behind in your home once the job is complete, including covering the vents to prevent dust from escaping, cleaning the vent covers, and sweeping and vacuuming the workspace. When the work is done, you will not only feel the difference but see it as well!

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