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Rapid Structural Drying - Why Is It The Best?

Rapid structural drying saves you time. No one wants to spend all the time in the world dealing with the water damage when you know it needs to be taken care of quickly.

If you happen to be in the situation of finding water in your home, you are presented with 3 options:

  1. Regular household axial fans: These fans are often used in general-purpose applications thanks to their high-volume, low-pressure nature. They are ideal for providing comfort in workspaces and for cooling technology in tight spaces. Axial fans are not ideal for drying out areas after water damage because of their low-pressure which doesn't provide enough air movement.

  2. Letting the area dry on its own: This is probably the worst idea. You have to work fast in order to prevent damage such as mold growth. With favorable conditions such as excess moisture, mold can begin to grow after 72 hours. Let professionals deal with water damage, we are quick and get the work done faster than you could imagine.

  3. Centrifugal fan/air movers: These fans are specifically designed to create a pressurized airflow to focus on the affected area(s), something not possible with the average axial fan. Air movers are what our restoration team at C2C uses for rapid structural drying when you have a flood and are among one of the best options for the job.

Rapid structural drying is a forward-thinking approach and solution to water damage that quickly and effectively aids in the restoration process of your home to bring it back to its original state and it's a far better solution than DIY-ing your own dry out method.

Many solutions of dry outs focus only on drying the carpet and carpet padding. Rapid structural drying takes every building element into account to ensure drying the carpet doesn't lead to excess moisture in other locations due to poor dehumidification.

This is why trusting a professional to do your restoration work after water damage is highly ideal. It will save you a lot of headache and time.

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