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C2C Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. a DIY rental

You can DIY a lot of things, but cleaning your carpet shouldn't be one of them

You get a stain on your carpet, and you're at an impasse: do you go down to the grocery store to rent their carpet cleaner for the day or do you call Corner 2 Corner?

Hopefully this breakdown can help you out.

Corner 2 Corner has been perfecting carpet cleaning for 15 years. Our truck mounted system is set up to deep clean your carpets at roughly 200 degrees (the higher the heat, the faster the molecules move around to clean your carpet). We then suck the soil and dirt out of your carpet and out of the house through our hoses, leaving your carpets ALMOST dry when complete. Depending on the size of the job, the average time to clean your carpets is about 1.5 hours. Our cleaners have the experience, training, tools and solutions to treat everything from everyday dirt to pet urine and everything in between.

The cleaner from the grocery store will do an OKAY job, but they're not capable of producing the necessary steam to break down most household spots and are basically just wetting your carpets. Those little cleaners also don't have the right amount of suction to get the majority of the liquid out of your carpet, leaving them very wet. If you use too much carpet soap from the store you're ultimately making your carpets dirtier because that soap leaves a residue and can attract more dirt in the end.

So compare calling Corner 2 Corner, getting an appointment usually within the next couple days then letting us handle the rest with going to the grocery store, signing a contract, loading the machine into your vehicle, hurrying home to maximize your rental time, moving furniture, mixing the solution, cleaning the carpets, dumping the dirty water, repeat mixing/cleaning/dumping until you get the results you want, then wrapping everything up and heading back to the grocery store.

A two minute phone call to Corner 2 Corner versus what...a couple hours? Half a day? A WHOLE day?

In conclusion, if you want your carpets (and upholstery and mattresses) cleaned the right way the choice is clear. Call us to make your appointment today. 204-325-9791

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