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Prepping Your Home for Christmas Vacations

Some families prefer to go the route of leaving the frigid Manitoba temperatures and vacationing somewhere tropical over Christmas holidays. But are you prepping your home for your departure? Here are a few helpful tips on preparing your home as you leave for your vacation.

1. Clean Out The Fridge: Start by clearing out all of the food and produce that has could go bad while you're away. Then separate it into 3 categories of freeze, eat, and toss. This gives you the chance to eat the last few things so they don't go bad. You are also able to throw some things into the freezer for an easy meal idea when you're home or if you're in a rush one day to have dinner made. And of course, anything that can't be frozen or has been in the fridge for a good while, then it's off to the garbage; don't risk the possibility of rotten food.

2. Take Out The Trash: Easy enough right? Empty all of the trash cans in every room in your home the night before you leave to save your home from sour smells that can come from old food sitting in the trash cans.

3. Double Check the Laundry Room: What could be here that you may forget? Sometimes we forget those small loads of laundry in the washing machine only to be welcomed with a rather unpleasant smell when we open the lid. Don't just make sure you have enough clothes for your trip, also check what's left in the washing machine.

4. Take Precautions for Fire: Before you leave, unplug electronics around the house that don't need power while you're gone. That could include routers, TV's, computers, or unused chargers. It saves you on your energy bill and lowers the risk of an electrical fire.

5. Program Your Thermostat: Many new and "smart" thermostats have features that allow you to set it to an away program. What this does is it lowers the overall temperature in your home that won't freeze your pipes but helps lower your energy bill altogether. The great thing about this is you can program from it from an app, allowing you to readjust the temperature before you get home, making it comfortable in your home once you are back.

6. Put Your Lights on Timers: You can deter break-ins by simply adding an analog outlet timer or upgrade to smart bulbs so you can control the lights remotely. Better yet, you are able to switch the lights on to simulate someone being home.

7. Check the Windows and Doors: This not only includes checking locks on doors but ensuring that windows are properly sealed to prevent water from coming home and creating bigger problems. Your first phone call that you made it home should be to a loved one, not Corner2Corner seeking a restoration service.

Next time you are gearing up to head out to a tropical destination or any other vacation, winter or not; check these areas in your home to come home to a clean and non-damaged home.

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