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Kids & Your Carpets

Having clean carpets AND kids can be a reality!

If you have kids, especially younger ones, you may think that having clean carpets is just a dream. Yes, it can be a challenge to maintain clean floors and upholstery when you have kids but it is possible! Here are some suggestions:

Keep clean: if your kids are taking part in sticky, dirty or otherwise messy activities make sure they wash their hands or take a bath right away. This is dirt that will go down the drain as opposed to down into your carpet or couch.

Keep shoes at the door: taking their shoes off at the door will make a world of difference.

Eat and drink in designated areas: if you keep food and beverage consumption confined to the kitchen, dining room or other area with hard flooring it will limit the possibility of spills and stains.

Put away toys and games: let's be honest. You're less likely to vacuum if you have to pick up piles of toys before doing it. Have your kids play with one toy at a time and then put it away before moving on to something else.

Have kids help clean spills: you can use spills as an opportunity to teach your kids proper cleaning techniques and how to be responsible.

Regular professional cleaning: no matter how quickly you clean spills or vacuum, regular professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is essential. It achieves a deep-down clean that simply isn't possible with regular cleans and vacuums.

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