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Keep A Breeze in Your Bedroom

The winter months are here in Manitoba and where we all want to be warm and cozy, maybe it's a good idea to crack your window just a smidge. We know...it's cold! It's not energy efficient! But hear us out...

When you're sleeping in a sealed up bedroom for 6-8 hours a night, you're producing a lot of CO2, or carbon dioxide. Sometimes levels can be as much as five times higher than recommended!

If you wake up feeling fatigued even though you got a full night's sleep, slightly drowsy or even with a bit of a headache, this could be a sign of too much carbon dioxide in the air. This can leave you feeling unable to concentrate, increase your heart rate or make you feel nauseated.

Studies show that when people keep their window open (or ventilate their bedroom in other ways), they feel better in the morning: the quality of their sleep improves, they feel less groggy and better able to concentrate. There was also a marked improvement in the study subjects’ performance on a test of logical thinking. Consider that on school nights or before that big presentation at work!

There's also a concern about the overall air quality when the room is sealed up tight. Without proper air movement things like dust, allergens and other airborne particles can settle in your bedding and carpeting. This can trigger allergic reactions and make breathing a little tougher.

If sleeping with the window open, especially in the month of December, isn't an option you can improve your sleeping air quality in other ways...using a fan to help circulate the air, maintaining a regular carpet cleaning (or hardwood floor sweeping) schedule including getting your carpets professionally cleaned and getting your ductwork cleaned to reduce the amount of gunk in the air.

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