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Is Your Dryer Vent Clogged?

Five warning signs your dryer vent is clogged

There's more to preventing dryer fires than simply cleaning the lint trap. This is a very important step but you should also keep the dryer vent in mind.

The dryer vent is the vent behind the dryer that carries heat, gas and moisture out of your home. You don't always think to have it cleaned because it's usually out-of-sight but you should...a blocked or clogged vent will prevent your machine from working properly or even cause a house fire.

Here are five major warning signs that your dryer vent is clogged:

  • Your dryer's auto-shutoff is kicking in: this safety measure shuts off your dryer mid-cycle due to trapped heat and moisture

  • Lint is building up: we don't mean just in the trap but behind or under the dryer. Lint collects in these areas because it can't move through the dryer vent due to a clog or blockage

  • Pet hair is everywhere: pet hair is a common cause of dryer vent buildup. If you're finding there's still a lot of hair on your clothes after you run the dryer cycle you should have your vents checked for any blockages

  • You smell mold: a clogged dryer vent will trap heat and moisture in your dryer itself and that's a perfect breeding ground for mold to grow

  • Clothes take longer to dry: a clogged vent won't allow for proper air flow, resulting in longer drying times

Corner 2 Corner can check your dryer vent the next time we're at your home working on your carpets, or if you have an immediate concern call us at 204-325-9791.

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