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How Does Soil Damage Carpet?

Dirt acts like sandpaper on your carpets and will wear it down over time

Your carpets may look clean, but when you get right down into it you may be surprised. The process of soiling happens so gradually that most people don't even notice it. A truly clean carpet has a brightness to it which is dulled over the years as dirt settles from the top of the carpet pile deep into the foundation.

It's estimated that about 80% of all soil that collects on carpets consists of sand and dry particulate matter. This is generally gritty and abrasive and can contribute to the wearing of your carpet. If it's not removed loose soil will work its way to the bottom of the carpet pile. Then as you and your pets move across the carpet the soil's sharp edges cut against the fibers...and if it's deep in the carpet is can actually cut off fibers from the bottom. This causes the pile to thin and contributes to obvious wear patterns in the carpet.

There are ways to counteract the wearing effects of this gritty particulate matter on your carpets. The most important is to vacuum your carpets regularly. Once a week is a good amount but if you have pets or kids twice a week would be ideal.

Another is to take off your shoes at the entryway of your home...your shoes pick up a lot of particulate matter from the outside which can get tracked through your home, some of which could be mold and other outdoor bacteria that is better left outside.

A third is to have an application of Green Guard (or Scotchguard) to your carpets when you get them professionally cleaned. It protects your carpets by creating a "shield" around each carpet fiber. This helps prevent dirt from being ground into the carpet and protects it from the sharp edges of the dirt.

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