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Game Day Preparation

Patriots? Rams? It all comes down to Sunday's big game

Before you break out the snacks, make sure your living room is ready for the big game by following these five tips:

  1. Clean the screen - make sure the tv is clean and dust-free. Dust with a dry microfiber cloth or Swiffer duster. If there are any spots or smudges use a pre-moistened electronics wipe. Dust the base and the surrounding cabinet too.

  2. De-germ the remote - with a pre-moistened electronics wipe go over the buttons and both sides of the remote. Let it air dry.

  3. Vacuum the speakers - you already have the vacuum out to do the floors, now do the speakers with the soft dusting brush or upholstery tool. If you can remove the covers, go over both sides and get the dust around the speakers too.

  4. Clear away clutter - you need room for snacks and drinks, so clear off the coffee and side tables. Just in case, remove candles or any breakables...this is key if your guests aren't happy with the ref's calls.

  5. Make room for rooting - if possible, rearrange your furniture to give guests plenty of room to move around and cheer without the fear of bumping into something or someone. Relocate anything like baskets, toys or pet beds that take up valuable floor space and add some pillows for floor sitters.

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