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Feeling Drafty?

A draft of any kind in your home is uncomfortable, makes us crawl under a mountain of blankets and shiver but we still want to somehow eat food and hold the TV remote at the same time.

If you've lived in your home for a while, you can probably point out every drafty spot and then brush it off like it's nothing and move on to the next thing. But did you know that approximately 13 percent of Manitoba’s annual energy use goes to heat our homes? Much of that energy can and should be saved. Retrofitting your home will help save our valuable energy resources at a cost lower than producing new energy supplies.

Here are some common sources of air leaks throughout homes:

  1. Knee walls (the sidewalls that support attic rafters)

  2. Attic hatches/openings

  3. Wiring holes (cable TV, electrical outlets, phone lines)

  4. Plumbing vents

  5. Recessed lights and the soffit around these lights

  6. Furnace ducts

  7. Basement rim joists (the meeting point of the foundation and wood framing)

You can go about finding out if you have an air leak in these areas with a simple test you can do by yourself. Close the door or window on a piece of paper and if the paper slides easily, it's time to update that weatherstripping or seal the leak.

When it comes to sealing the other areas that may seem more difficult like the attic or basement, contact a professional, but get to the attic and basement/crawl spaces as soon as you can, as those are your main sources of energy loss.

You can save as much as 15 perfect on your heating and cooling bills each year by properly sealing and insulating your home says EnergyStar.gov. And with Fall well on its way in just a few short weeks, it's time to get ahead of the cold weather before it sneaks up on you and makes you spend the cold weather under those blankets.

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