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Electrical Fires

20% of fires in Canada are caused by faulty wiring

Did you know that 20% of all fires in Canada are electrical fires? That's a lot...TOO much if you ask us. Electrical fires are preventable if the right professionals are brought in at the right time.

The number one cause of electrical fires is faulty wiring. Sometimes they happen because of poor workmanship, other times it's just wear and tear.

What are the warning signs that tell you something is wrong with your home's electrical system? Things like flickering lights, breakers that always trip, fuses that always blow, outlets or switches that spark or feel hot when you touch them, among other things. If you experience any of these things, the longer you wait to get them fixed, the greater the risk of an electrical fire.

Electrical currents generate waste heat which, over time, can cause the conductor to expand and contract. Eventually this process will loosen the connection and once it's loose the electricity can arc. When this happens, the potential for an electrical fire is huge.

You never know when a disaster will happen, but taking the steps towards prevention will help in the long run. If you do find yourself faced with a fire or flood in your home, let Corner 2 Corner Cleaning & Restoration help work with the insurance companies and put the pieces back together so your life can move on.

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