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Why DIY isn't always best

DIY Carpet cleaning isn't the best idea

Imagine this.

You own a Persian rug that cost $20,000. You and your spouse bought it at an open-air market in Casablanca while on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Morocco. This rug is basically irreplaceable. And your dog just peed on it.

For a situation like this, you need a professional. And not just any old professional. One that uses the greenest products and the most recommended hot water extraction system. This rug is priceless and irreplaceable after all...why leave it to chance by doing it yourself? You may think of renting a kit from the store or spraying some cleaner on it that tries to be a one size fits all stain solution. You don't want to do that ESPECIALLY on this rug. Knowing how much cleaner to use, for example, might require some pre-existing knowledge. Additionally the professional industry machines are so much more powerful than the rental models, that alone makes the cost for professional service worth the money.

There's lots of different methods of cleaning that professional cleaners use, some of which can also be detrimental to your gorgeous Persian rug (or even the normal carpets in your home that don't cost the same as a small four-door sedan).

"Dry cleaning" includes a few different methods. A cleaning agent is added to the carpet then vacuumed up. Dry foam is a shampoo that will dry then be vacuumed. This isn't very effective and will leave a residue on the surface which you sure don't want lingering on the rug. Now, these methods do allow for immediate use of the space as no drying is required but none of these methods provide a deep clean that goes through the carpet back where many stains and odours can live.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is the approved method for carpet cleaning and is the method that C2C uses. This system uses enough pressure to get all the way to the base of the carpet rather than just cleaning the surface. The hot water dissolves dirt and destroys mites and bacteria then gets immediately sucked up by a powerful vacuum.

Don't leave your Persian rug, living room carpets or floor mats to chance. Call us to make an appointment to preserve that memory.

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