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Contactless Cleaning with C2C

We are now offering a unique service for this extraordinary time. It's called Contactless Cleaning. We believe that we need to take proper precautions to reach our community and by doing this we hope to bring awareness to the importance of duct and carpet cleaning especially when sickness is present in the world.

How Does Contactless Cleaning Work?

1. Call our office or message our Facebook page to book your appointment as you would normally. During the phone call, we will ask if you would like to opt for the contactless cleaning option and if you choose to, here would be your next steps. 2. Distance yourself within or outside your home to eliminate the contact with our technicians 3. When our technicians leave, they will disinfect any surface of your home that they came into contact with. 4. For payment options, we are happy to provide you with any way that would be easiest for you. A credit card would be your most contactless option as you can receive your invoice via email and then call our office with your credit card information.

If you do visit our office, we can assure you that we are disinfecting our office, shop, vans, and machines multiple times a day. The health of our employees is valuable and the health of our customers remains a top priority.

If you have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days, have come into contact with someone who has travelled, are feeling unwell, or have been around someone who is ill, please contact our office to arrange a different date for your service.

Do your part in flattening the curve and promote social distancing by going contactless with Corner 2 Corner Cleaning & Restoration. It's never been easier.


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