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Cleaning a Tile Floor

Cleaning a tile floor isn't complicated but necessary

Corner 2 Corner Cleaning and Restoration doesn't just clean carpets...we can make your tile floors sparkle and gleam too! Stains can last on your tile floors and grout can become discoloured. It's a good idea to get your tiles deep cleaned professionally but there are many steps you can take to keep it looking clean between visits.

The most important thing to remember is don't use bleach cleaners on your tile floors! Bleach and ammonia products will discolour the grout. This won't happen immediately but it will be noticeable after time. Try an all-purpose cleaner and follow the instructions on the packaging. An all-purpose cleaner is much gentler on the floor and will still get clean.

Mild and gentle is the way to go. Don't scrub your tiles or grout with steel wool, scrubbing powders or the old wives' tale of a toothbrush. Your tile has a special finish on it that can be damaged by the harsh scrubbing. A soft scrubbing cloth or mop can do the job (at Corner 2 Corner we have a special buffing machine to clean tiles). These will remove the dirt without removing the tile finish.

If something spills be sure to clean it right away. The same stains that can affect carpets or clothing can also affect your tile floor! Oil-based stains, tomato or wine stains, and even pet stains can ruin the floor so be sure to address the problem as soon as possible...don't let them sit for more than a few minutes at the most.

Tile is pretty strong but it can crack or chip with enough force. Always use furniture protectors on the bottoms of tables and chairs. Lift furniture when moving it as opposed to dragging it across the floor. The same also goes for things like potted plants.

Something as simple as dirt can damage tile floors. You need to sweep and clean them often...even a light sweeping or mopping daily can extend the life of your floors.

It goes without saying that tile that will be around water needs to be caulked. Inspect it often to make sure it doesn't start to peel. Proper sealing will help protect the floor from wear and tear, will keep moisture from getting under the tile and will keep the tile and grout from becoming stained.

If you have glazed tile you may have noticed it can become slippery. Do NOT use oil based cleaners on tile that is glazed or that has a shiny appearance. This can make it even more slippery and can be unsafe.

Finally, use a floor mat both inside and outside of each entryway. This will trap a lot of the dirt on your shoes so that it doesn't even reach the tile floors.

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