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Christmas & Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality probably isn't at the top of your list of things to think about this holiday season but it definitely should be. If you're having guests visiting or it's just your family a safe indoor air quality is the best gift you can give. Here are some tips to make the air you breathe healthier this Christmas.

Before displaying, be sure to clean your decorations. After they've been sitting in a box for the last year there's a good chance they've collected some dust. Not only will wiping them down enhance the shine but it can help reduce some of the contaminants that can cause sneezing and other respiratory issues.

Perhaps forego the candles. If possible, switch out traditional fire-lit candles for those that operate on battery power. Scented candles release VOCs into the air which can be an irritant, and by replacing them with battery powered options you greatly reduce the chances of an accidental fire.

Ask family and friends to take their shoes off at the door. By leaving them in the front hall you're reducing the amount of pollen, dirt and other allergens that can become airborne in your home. It also keeps your home cleaner and reduces the amount of vacuuming and mopping you may have to do.

Think carefully about the kind of tree you bring in. Fake trees don't bring in dirt from the outside, they don't spread pollen, nor do they drop pine needles everywhere. But if you just have to have a live tree be sure to water it frequently to keep it from drying out and vacuum or sweep often to keep the pine needles off the floor.

Replace your air filters in your furnace. This way you can help keep the air in your home crisp and clean.

Add a HEPA filter to your furnace. Air purifiers don't take everything out of the air, but it will certainly help with your air cleaning efforts.

Vacuum early and often. We recommend vacuuming twice a week, even more if you have pets. There's no way to block every particle in a home but when you combine all of these tips and tricks along with regular vacuuming or sweeping it will go a long way to promoting clean, healthy indoor air this holiday.

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