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Carpet Cleaning AND a Healthy Home?

Carpet cleaning can help lead to a safe and healthy home

Yes! You CAN have your indoor carpets professionally cleaned AND still provide a healthy, safe environment for your family.

We don't want to freak anyone out here but your carpeting is likely harboring dust mites, mold, pet dander, tobacco smoke, VOCs and more. Fido or Fluffy contributes hair every time they walk across or lays on the carpet. Vapors from cleaning products, candles, and smoking settle in. Moisture from humidity, drink spills and the dirt and snow you track in provides the perfect climate for mold spores to take root and spread. Even you yourself are flaking off dead skin cells on a regular basis, which just happens to be a dust mite's favourite food. With all of this going on its no wonder you're spending a lot of time sneezing, sniffling and even staying indoors to stay allergy free.

Your first thought now may be "RIP UP THE CARPETS!" but we assure you that you and your carpets can live in perfect harmony. You have a lot to gain by keeping your existing carpet since ripping it out and installing new flooring is expensive. Also brand-new carpeting can emit its own brand of potentially toxic fumes...also known as that "new carpet smell"...that can take a long time to dissipate. In fifteen years Corner 2 Corner has rarely seen a carpet that would be best served by tearing it out and installing new flooring.

We use 100% eco-friendly products and a tried-and-true hot water extraction process when cleaning your carpets. We use shoe covers for our technicians so dirt is not tracked indoors and Seal-A-Door products so the heat stays in during the winter and the bugs stay out during the summer.

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