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Bio Stains and Odours

When we arrive for a job a lot of people say, "oh, I'm so sorry my carpets are so dirty!" It's okay...because why else would we be there? Almost 50 percent of cleaning professionals experience spills of blood or feces every day. Bio messes like blood, feces and vomit can contain a variety of pathogens, and as people move throughout the environment, they interact with different surfaces and move germs from surface to surface.

The folks at Clorox Professional Products Company did a survey and found, not surprisingly, that people are most offended by the odour and mess of bio soils like feces (56 percent and 76 percent) and vomit (44 percent and 72 percent), more so than garbage (30 percent and 32 percent) and food odours and messes (3 percent and 5 percent). The impact these odours have goes beyond a simple dislike, and the survey shows that:

When exposed to certain bad odours, people feel concerned for their health and safety. When entering a room that smells like feces (31 percent) or vomit (32 percent), a third of people would be concerned for the health and safety of themselves and others. One-in-five (22 percent) would feel concerned for health and safety when entering a room that smells like urine.

Accidents happen. Consider professional carpet cleaning like an eraser to fix them.

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