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A Carpet Cleaning Timeline

The carpeting in your home is a pretty significant feature in your living environment. Of course you want it looking as best as it possibly can for a long time! You want it to be free of unpleasant odours, dirt, dust and other allergens to make the air quality in your home as good as it can be.

There's a lot of debate about how long you should go between visits from Corner 2 Corner Cleaning. We recommend that you get your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Of course this is just a general guideline and not the gospel because individual circumstances can vary quite a bit. If you are a business or organization that sees as lot of foot traffic like an office or a church you'll want to have them professionally cleaned more often.

So how do you determine a timeline that's best for you? Answer the questions below to figure out the best schedule for you.

Do your carpets get vacuumed on a regular basis? We at Corner 2 Corner suggest vacuuming your carpets twice a week. Really! Vacuuming regularly sucks up the loose particles on the surface of the carpet before they have a change to get ground deeper into the carpet. This is the absolute LEAST you should do to help you go longer between professional cleanings. What's that old saying, "a vacuum a day keeps the carpet cleaner away?"

Regardless of how often you vacuum though, professional carpet cleaning treatments ARE needed to get down deeper into the fibers of the carpet that your vacuum can't suck up. If you don't vacuum at all, or can't remember the last time it was done, you should PROBABLY give us a call to help you preserve your carpet's overall quality.

Is there someone in your home with allergies or asthma? Think of your carpet fibers like a magnet...they attract a lot of the dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, cigarette smoke etc that's floating around in the air. Over time, these allergens build up in the carpet fibers. Like an actual magnet, the carpet will eventually release the particulates back into the air whenever someone walks across the floor. No matter how good your vacuum is, you need a professional cleaner to restore an acceptable quality of indoor air. If someone in your home has chronic allergies a routine cleaning schedule is essential to keep them as healthy as you can.

What colour is your carpet? There's no such colour that can mask dirt or stains. You can brighten your home with light carpet but this makes it easier to see all the gunk that can be building up in it. When you have lighter carpets you'll need to be more diligent in keeping them clean. This isn't a bad thing though...if you have lighter coloured carpets it makes it easier to see when you need to get them done versus a darker carpet which can hide stains more effectively.

Does your carpet warranty require you to have a specific cleaning schedule? If you never changed the oil in your car and the engine seized, you can bet the dealership won't cover any warranty on the vehicle. A lot of carpet manufacturers make it necessary for warranty holders to stick to strict cleaning schedules to get the most benefit of their guarantees. Some warranties say that the carpet needs to be cleaned annually, others even twice a year. Sometimes they even require receipts so these can be presented in the case of a claim.

Are there pets walking or laying on the carpet? It's essential to have your carpets cleaned regularly if Fido or Fluffy is anywhere near them. Even if pets are well trained, accidents can happen. They can track mud and dirt on the carpets after they've been outside or make a mess if they didn't get outside fast enough. Not only can this stain the carpet, but it can also make it not smell so great. Professional carpet cleaning can neutralize odours and stains that pets can produce.

Are there kids in your household? Like pets, kids car create a multitude of stains. Juice, finger paint, muddy footprints, crayon wax, gum, funtack...they all have a way of making it onto the carpet so keeping it looking good is definitely a challenge. When you think about the amount of time babies and kids spend on the floor you for sure want to have a clean and healthy place for them to play. Professional carpet cleaners that use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning agents can eliminate dirt while protecting your family from unnecessary irritants and toxins.

Do you let people wear their shoes inside? I went to Chicago one year and, as a normal Canadian does, I took of my shoes at the front door. American friends came in and just walked around like it was nothing! Not only is that tracking dirt around but also tiny particles of grit. Like we mentioned before with the magnet concept, this grinds more gunk into your carpets and can lead to premature wear of the fibers.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you absolutely need the services of a professional carpet cleaning company. We've got your back!

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